Why Make The Switch To Traditional Wet Shaving?

So you use a cartridge razor and canned foam from the drug store. You can shave with your eyes closed and it takes you 32 seconds flat to do so. But do you also smell like a 15 year old boy covered in generic body spray (men) or a sugar plum fairy (ladies) because of your canned foam? Do you dread buying another pack of cartridges because you could buy a few meals instead? Do you get razor burn, ingrown hairs or rashes? Do you ever wonder how many plastic cartridges you throw out a year and what that’s doing to the environment? For you, there is The Copper Hat! Here are our top reasons to make the switch:

Do the Math

Modern razor blade cartridges are a waste of money. Currently, a mainstream drugstore charges $16.99 for 4 cartridges. That’s $4.25 a blade. We used to use cartridge razors and we found that each cartridge lasted about 5 shaves. So if you shave every second day, that’s $154 a year spent on razor blades. At The Copper Hat, most of our double edged blades are $2 for 5, that’s 40 cents a blade, meaning $15 a year spent on razor blades. If you shave with a double or single edged razor, blades are $14.56 a year. That’s a $139 difference.

Watch what you are Throwing Out

Every cartridge that is thrown out from a drug store razor is composed of a number of different plastics and metals that cannot be separated and recycled. Disposable razors are even worse. By using a Copper Hat double or single edged razor you ensure that the only thing you ever replace is a single blade and the joy in that is that the blade is one metal that can be recycled (check with your community recycling program on how to recycle sharps). While it is easy (and necessary) to toss out your cartridge razor handle when styles change and it is no longer compatible with blades, our razors have used the same blades for decades and are much too beautiful to throw away. And hey, if you get a straight razor, you will never have to worry about blades anyway! Also, by taking in one of our vintage razors, you are helping us keep the wet shaving tradition alive and keeping safety razors out of glass cases everywhere!

The Brush Makes all the Difference

The most important part of the wet shave is arguably the brush. Canned shave foam can contribute to razor burn because it is composed mainly of air, making it so light that a razor blade can easily shave under, not through it. Traditional shave creams and soaps are formulated to prep and condition your skin while the shave brush distributes product evenly and helps raise hairs for a closer shave. A brush exfoliates skin, removing dead cells and leaving skin properly prepared for your shave. Not only does the brush assist in skin preparation, it also allows you to discover endless shave specific soaps that don not smell like generic body spray.

Quantity Does Not Equal Quality

As you draw a 5 blade cartridge over your skin, the first blade acts as a snowplough, dragging your shaving cream with it. Now, multiple blades are shaving unprotected skin – that is like dry shaving over and over again every time you use that razor! The result: irritated skin smeared with a gooey substance deposited by your cartridge to camouflage razor burn.

It is an Art

Wet shaving.  It just sounds cool. And it is; it is all about slowing down enough to get a quality shave that you enjoy rather than rush through. When you begin to wet shave you discover an array of razors, blades, brushes and soaps with which you can customize a shave routine that suits you perfectly. There are so many combinations that half the fun is in finding your next favourite razor or aftershave. Not only does wet shaving give you the ability to personalize your routine, it also allows you to display it. How many people are proud to exhibit their plastic cartridge razor and can of foam on the bathroom counter? I bet you would rather show off a nickel plated twist-to-open double edged razor, mug of bay rum shave soap and custom turned ebony shave brush? We would.

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