Shaving brushes are traditionally made from badger hair which is used because it is very soft and water absorbent.  Our badger hair comes from China, where badgers exist in large numbers and are considered pests because they burrow in farmers fields and can injure livestock (kind of like gophers on the prairies).  Farmers sell badger pelts and some of the pelts are made into shaving brush heads.  In addition to badger hair, we also make horse hair brushes.  Horse hair is not as soft as badger hair, but it lathers soap quickly and makes an excellent brush for those without skin sensitivities or for lathering legs.  The horse hair used in shaving brushes is trimmed from the mane and tail of a live horse.

2 thoughts on ““What is the Brush Hair From?”

  1. I was directed to your site from a FB post by Be Clean Naturally about your “ethically and locally made shaving brushes.” Knowing that your badger hair comes from China and having only heard of inhumane badger-farming practices in China, do you have more information about your badger hair suppliers? I am searching for an ethically farmed badger-hair brush for my boyfriend.

    • Hi Carissa,

      Thanks for the question. It’s tough to get too far into details about the hair I use as it’s a bit of a business secret. I can say the supplier I use is involved in cull collected pelts from villages and farmers. In China badgers are under a government sponsored cull due to their invasive population numbers (badgers burrow in farmers fields and that can cause livestock to step in the burrows and break legs).

      We do, however, have other options in brushes that are animal friendly and even animal free. I use a synthetic knot in some of my handmade brushes that performs fantastically and is 100% animal free. I also carry a line of brushes made from horse hair in Spain that are collected from the horse during a haircut so no horses are harmed at any point.

      We 100% respect everyone’s choices and that’s why we try very hard offer a solution for everyone. Even the woods I use I do my best to only use reclaimed or storm damaged woods when it comes to protected exotic species.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions at all.


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