There are a lot of razors out there, let’s clear up the mystery.  A straight razor is the oldest and most notorious razor out there.  Sometimes referred to as a straight edge or knife, the straight razor has been given a bad rap thanks to horror movies like Sweeney Todd.  This type of razor consists of a single, permanent blade that folds down into its scales, or handle.  A straight razor is sharpened using stones once every 60 or so shaves and is then stropped on a piece of leather, or strop, each time it is used.   The younger brother of the straight razor is referred to as the Safety Razor, deemed such since it is in fact safer than a straight razor.  The 2 main types of Safety razors are double edged and single edged (DE’s and SE’s).  Both types take single replaceable blades and are shaped more like the razors common today, like a T.  Single edged razors have one cutting edge on the side of the head while double edged razors have 2 cutting edges – one on each side of the razor head.  SE and DE safety razors are fairly similar in operation, but DE’s are more common.  There are more divisions and varieties of razors, but these are the basic classifications.

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