The Team

Brad – Owner, Brush Maker, Shaving Expert

Brad is the guy behind The Copper Hat. In 2009, he got really in to wet shaving and realized that it could be life changing for a lot of people.  With some pushing from Kate, Brad started the business as a simple website and market booth in downtown Victoria.  While continuing as market vendors, we also set up shop in a small workshop (formerly a closet) space.  Brad made, and continues to make, our Copper Hat shaving brushes, and eventually designed The Journey, our flagship shaving brush. Brad currently runs the store on Weekends and takes care of the overall operations of The Copper Hat.

Brad loves cycling, hiking, kayaking, bakeries and good coffee!

Brad will add his own thoughts here when he’s a little less busy in the store 😀

Kate – Owner, Maker and Shaving Expert

Kate’s been around since the beginning of The Copper Hat and has played pretty much every role in the business. Kate’s current role is crafting our all-natural shaving and skin care products, attempting to keep up with social media, and keeping our website going.  She’s also in the store a few days a week. Kate loves being outside, exploring, and meeting small business owners wherever she goes.

“I love this job because it’s like having 9 jobs – I have learned so much over the past 10 years getting The Copper Hat up and running and keeping it going.  Above all, I love my interactions with the people.  Shaving isn’t a niche market – a lot of people shave, which means I get to chat with such a wide range of folks when I’m in the store.  The stories that have come out of this job are pretty amazing!”

Teresa – Shaving Expert

Teresa runs the store 2 days a week and is great to chat with if you have questions about using a new safety razor or shaving brush. She is well-versed in leg shaving and is also a barber, so can help you determine the gear that’s right for you, no matter what you’re shaving!

Teresa is a Mom with a love affair for all things mid-century!

“As someone who enjoys single blade shaving and desires to spread the word on it’s many benefits I find The Copper Hat to be the perfect home. Here I can inform all those that shave in an inclusive, locally sourced, education focused environment about this shaving game changer!”

Eamonn – Shaving Expert

Eamonn is at the helm of the store several days a week and you can find him thinking up new shave sets, shipping out orders and helping all kinds of people problem-solve their shaves!  Eamonn is an award winning fiddle player and an avid and passionate road cyclist and mountain biker.  He loves hiking, fishing, fly fishing, cooking and I make a mean French style omelet!

“I thoroughly enjoy meeting, educating and helping people with their shaving choices in today’s world. Working at The Copper Hat has given me the chance to not only do that but to stand behind and support quality, local and environmentally-friendly products and company. “

İpek – Lab Assistant and Soap Maker

İpek crafts The Copper Hat soap & body care products in our kitchen space, “The Lab”.  She helps Kate keep the shelves stocked with soap, body butter, body scrub, moustache wax, beard oil and more! İpek is a forth year Psychology student at UVic and is fluent in 3 languages.   She loves watching food channels on Youtube and Chef’s Table on Netflix is one of her favourites!

“I joined The Copper Hat team in September 2018 and it has been lovely! I’m glad to be working with such genuine people who care about their customers as well as the environmental impact of their business. Besides, it smells amazing in the lab when we’re making soap, which is so relaxing when I have midterms coming up.”