The creation of this brush has been a wild adventure, so we thought it only fitting to name it after the Journey to get here!

We have been hand crafting fine shaving brushes and introducing folks to wet shaving since 2009.  Our handcrafted brushes are all one-of-a-kind and made by Brad, so take a lot of time and energy to produce.  It’s important to us to provide people with shaving options that suit all budget levels, and since the production cost of our handmade brushes can be high, we knew we needed another shaving brush option.  For many years we envisioned an ergonomic, easy-to-use production shaving brush that would be extremely unique, but also less expensive to produce and less expensive to buy.

After years of designing The Journey, we were able to send our design to a small, Canadian machine shop for it’s first production run in 2015! The result is a tall, sleek, heavy shaving brush suitable for any wet shaver.  We set the hair/bristles in the shaving brush handles ourselves, ensuring that each brush is crafted with care and attention.  The handles are crafted from acetal resin, and sometimes, in our special edition brushes, from aluminum.

We’ve designed this brush to be easy to use, comfortable to hold, and to provide a luxurious shave.  We stand behind this brush 100%.

Thank you for supporting small, local businesses and crafts people!

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