Kate and Brad in front of the store
Kate and Brad in front of the store

A Note to Our Valued Customers

UPDATE (Dec 21, 2019) – we will still be open in our store front in Market Square for January and February 2020! Please read on for our original post 🙂

Well, here goes! After 10 years in business and over 5 years in Market Square, we’ve decided to close our brick-and-mortar location. We are not selling or closing our business – just evolving!

We will close up shop in Market Square after Christmas, and starting in January 2020 (actually, starting in March 2020), we’ll do all of our sales online. When we first started this journey, The Copper Hat existed solely on our website, so in a way, we feel a bit like we’re going back to our roots!

How It Will Work

For folks from out of town, you’re probably already used to ordering your gear from our website and receiving your order on your doorstep – nothing will change for you guys!  For our local clients who normally purchase your supplies in our store in Market Square, have no fear! We’ll still sell all of the same shaving products you know and love and will ship your order straight to your door.  We’ll also have an option for you to come pick up your order from our office in Esquimalt.

Why We’re Moving

We have been operating a brick-and-mortar store in Downtown Victoria in one space or another since 2011. Being Downtown, meeting amazing people, and sharing knowledge about something we think is important has been the best job either of us has had!  But, believe it or not, we both have many passions and talents besides shaving!

Operating a physical store location is a lot of work, and after many years, we’ve decided now is the time for us to try something a little different.  This move will allow us to finally tour around and meet amazing shop owners across Canada and bring The Copper Hat closer to our customers across the country.  We believe strongly in shopping local and shopping small, and we can’t wait to help shop owners choose wet shaving gear that will best serve the customers in their own neighbourhoods.

This evolution will also allow both of us to pursue other passions and hobbies and to use our skills in new ways (that don’t involve buying till tape from a big box store at 9pm because you have way too many things on your mind and completely forgot to order more…).

A Very Big Thank You!

We are extremely grateful to all of you who have made this job such an amazing experience for us.  Operating a store in historic Downtown Victoria has been a job like no other and we are lucky to have had the opportunity. Meeting folks from all over this city, country, and the world when they visit the store has been a privilege and we will miss it very much.  The Copper Hat started as a shaving supply business, but rapidly turned into something more.  Early on, we realized that working with and educating people was our favourite part of the job 😊

Whether you met Brad in a coffee shop to buy your first razor 10 years ago, visited our shop in Rock Bay Square, found us in our tiny space in Fan Tan Alley, shopped at 1 of many farmers markets and craft shows, buy your gear on our website, or frequent our beloved Market Square store, THANK YOU! There is no way we would have stuck this thing out if it weren’t for our supportive, creative, loyal, hilarious and brilliant customers! You folks have made this journey unlike any other and we are so grateful for that.  To our suppliers, past and present staff members, and fellow small businesses, you guys rock. Thank you for doing what you do 😊

In (not) Closing

So, to sum it all up, we are not closing! We will be open as usual in our Market Square store until the end of December, 2019 February 2020  After that, everything you normally pick up in store will be available on our website (well, it already is).  If you live nearby, we’ll offer a pickup day once a week at our office in Esquimalt (which happens to have it’s own free parking stall, what?!).  For updates and for our new pickup location, please sign up for our email list or pop by our website (we’re kind of moving away from that social media thing…).

With much gratitude,

Kate and Brad

2 thoughts on “The Journey Continues

  1. I think it was a visit to your store in Market Square a number of years ago that got me to try classic shaving products; no looking back. Love your soap and Coastal Fair is my favourite daily shaving soap. Hope that I can still continue to get it at the Soap Dispensary in Vancouver. Good luck moving forward.

  2. Good day,

    I’m very happy for you but in a way I’m a little bit sad. I’m the type of person that I have to feel and smell before I buy although I do have to say I pretty much know what I like and it’s lumberjack shaving soap and the red cedar after shave.

    The question I have for you, all the other items that you have in your store but you don’t advertise on your website i.e. Pineaud products etc. Will you put those on your website as well?

    Thank you.

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