Cedarwood and Sage, Benzoin and Frankinscence, UnscentedIntroducing The Copper Hat Shave Soap!

Every shaving brush needs the perfect soap.  Unfortunately, the perfect soap can be hard to come by.  Many soaps smell great, but don’t lather quite right.  Other soaps lather great, but their harsh ingredients leave you itchy or with dry skin.  There are a lot of characteristics to consider when creating a great shaving soap.  We’ve kept all of these characteristics in mind while creating our own soap.

In the past we have both experienced dry skin, acne, and skin sensitivities.  It was very important to us that we provide shavers with a soap that moisturizes and protects skin, but never leaves a residue or makes skin oily.  We both test every batch and scent of soap and have found that even the scented soaps are gentle enough to use on sensitive skin.

In the creation of our soap we’ve chosen to use all natural ingredients and organic essential oils that respect both the planet and our skin.  The specific essential oils used have been selected for their healing and moisturizing qualities.  Our soap lathers quickly, but since it is in solid puck form, will last a long time compared to any canned foam or shave cream.

Currently we have 3 varieties of shave soap:

  • Cedarwood & Sage: fondly nicknamed “The Lumberjack Soap” – a woodsy, tobacco scent with a dose of manliness!  May invoke images of wood chopping and pipe smoking!
  • Benzoin & Frankincense: For those who prefer a lighter, sweeter scent.  Reminiscent of a Vancouver Island hike on the first day of spring.
  • Unscented: For those with hyper-sensitive skin, the ultimate shave soap with absolutely no scent.  Rather than scented essential oils, this soap contains only aloe vera oil.

We are very excited to launch our soap into the world of wet shaving and know it will make a great addition to your shaving routine!  We do realize that lathering a soap puck can be a bit tricky for beginners… not to worry!  Every soap comes with a detailed “how to” sheet and questions about how to get the most out of your Copper Hat products are always welcome!

To mark the launch of our new soaps,  we’re giving some away!  Simply “like” this post on Facebook to have your name entered in the draw to choose one of these soaps.  We’ll give 3 away on January 15th.

Happy Lathering!

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