Summertime Shaving Tips

Hints for Faces:

  • During hot summer months, you’ll likely sweat more throughout the day.  This can make skin feel greasy.  Keeping a gentle toning aftershave on hand at work, the gym or at home is a refreshing way to gently cleanse your skin and tighten up pores.  You can splash some on any time, not just after shaving. We recommend this gentle aftershave splash if you’re on the hunt: Red Cedar Aftershave Splash.
  • If you’ve spent the day in the sun or wind, try a cooling aftershave balm to soothe skin.  We personally find the Anthony Gold Cool Mint Aftershave Balm is excellent for that!
  • Need something refreshing to wake you up in the morning?  Try a cold water shave! It sounds shocking, but a wet shave with cold or cool water can feel great on a hot day.  Many folks really enjoy the way the cool water helps stubble stand up prior to shaving.
  • Speaking of a cold shave, our Shaved Ice shave soap includes peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils that help cool and refresh your skin during your shave.  It’s our most popular soap in the summer months because of its cooling kick!

Hints for Legs and Body:

  • Chlorine and salt water can irritate recently shaven skin, so if possible, give it an hour 2 between shaving and going for a swim.
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! You’ve gone to the effort to get an awesome shave, so finish it up with an excellent body butter! A moisturizer like this will soothe dry skin, help prevent ingrowns, and feel amazing!  
  • Just-shaved skin doesn’t like friction, so help prevent ingrowns by wearing loose clothing right after your shave.
  • Issues with shaving underarms?  Check your deoderant or antiperspirant situation!  Underarm products easily clog up razors, so wash them off before you begin shaving.

Hints for Beards:

  • It’s summertime! No need for a thick, face-insulating beard to keep you warm! If you’ve been thinking about a trim, this is the time to go for it!  Ask your barber to trim up the sides of you beard and snip off any stubborn split ends at the bottom.  
  • If the warmth of the sun is melting your beard balm, you might enjoy trying a beard brush for this time of year.  This boar bristle beard and hair brushevenly distributes the naturally-occurring oil from your face through your beard so that you can get away with using less beard balm or oil.

Mental Health is Men’s Health

Movember Giveaway Shave Set The Copper HatHere at The Copper Hat we talk a lot about shaving, but we like to talk about a lot of other things, too.

This month, we’re talking about mental health, and we’d love for you to join us. Both of us (Kate & Brad) are proponents of the de-stigmatization of mental health issues. Right now we’re giving away a complete shave set to raise awareness about mental health issues, especially among men, through both the Movember Foundation and Partners for Mental Health Canada.

Made in MovemberEach November, the Movember Foundation changes the face of men’s health by encouraging men to grow out their moustaches and wear them loud and proud, prompting conversations about men’s health. Participants also raise funds for men’s health initiatives including those fighting prostate and testicular cancer. Last year, Movember added mental health to their list of supporting causes and we were very happy to see it there. Mental illness is a HUGE concern among men, and while we support increased mental health services for everyone, we recognize that it is especially difficult for guys to discuss mental illness.

Partners for Mental Health is a national charity aimed at improving mental health in Canada by mobilizing and Right by Youengaging Canadians to drive fundamental changes. Their current campaign is called “Right By You” and is focused on raising awareness about the lack of mental health services available to young people in Canada. Through this campaign you can learn more about mental health issues, tell your own story, generate important conversations and pledge your support for increased mental health services, including a National Suicide Prevention Fund.

Where do I come in?

Do you agree that mental health, including men’s mental health, is an important issue and cause? If you do, connect with one of these awesome organizations and put your name in our draw for a complete wet shaving set. For the month of November, ahem, Movember, show us your support for either the Movember Foundation and/or Partners for Mental Health and we’ll put your name in a draw for this awesome wet shaving set to be drawn on November 30, 2014.

How does it work?

 The ClassicThere are 3 ways to enter in to this giveaway:

1.) If you’re growing out your ‘stache and are raising funds through the Movember Foundation, email us the link to your Movember Fundraising profile page.

2.) If you’re not growing out your own Mo, but have donated to another person’s Movember fundraising efforts, email us a confirmation of your donation (or send us a screen shot of your donation confirmation)

3.) If you’d like to help make positive change to mental health services in Canada, you can use the Partners for
Mental Health online tool to send a letter to your MP and help convince the government to create a National Suicide Prevention Fund. You can either forward your confirmation email to us or send us a screen shot of your form.

Made in MovemberOver the month of November we’ll compile a list of everyone who shows us their support for these important mental health initiatives. On November 30, 2014, we’ll put all of the names in a hat and randomly select someone to win the shave set. If you have any questions about entering this draw, please feel free to drop us a line.

Thank you for joining us in supporting Movember and Partners for Mental Health, and in turn promoting increased mental health services for everyone!

-Brad & Kate

Your Custom Brush

Custom Brush


One of a Kind & Hand Crafted

You’re going to keep your shaving brush for a very, very long time; it should be perfect for you.

Working with The Copper Hat’s owner and artist, Brad, to create your own custom shaving brush is easy and probably a lot less expensive than you would think.  The process of creating your own custom brush involves selecting a handle material type, brush hair type, and a general size and shape of the overall brush.  Brad crafts shaving brushes from a wide variety of materials both new and reclaimed and is constantly striving to develop new crafting techniques.


How cool would it be to give your Dad a shaving brush turned from a branch of the tree he built your treehouse in? What about framing timbers from a 100 year old hotel or antique acrylic insulating rod? Please contact us if you are interested in a beautifully unique, custom shaving brush.

Custom Projects



Engraving design for brush turned from Douglas Fir framing timber saved from the Boulder Hotel in Vancouver

Engraving your brush with a custom logo or design is a great way to personalize it even further.  We are happy to design custom graphics for you, or you may submit your own and the graphic will be laser engraved into the bottom of the brush handle.  Engraving is an additional cost.

Brush Restoration Services

Restored Antique Shaving Brush

Restored Antique Shaving Brush

Brad also restores antique shaving brushes, removing the worn out bristles, setting new bristles, and cleaning and polishing the handles.  We often have vintage restores for sale and also offer restoration services for your own shaving brush.  Since all brushes are in different conditions, before providing restoration services, Brad will take a look at your brush and and give you a quote based on the work you’d like done. Please contact us for more details.


Valentine’s Day Shave Sets

Valentine's Day Shave Sets

Valentine’s Day Shave Sets

February 14th… ugh.  We hate to do it, but we’re hopping on the commercial band wagon and embracing Valentine’s Day this year.  What could be more sexy and loving than giving your sweetie the gift of smooth, non-irritated, happy skin?  Our shave sets are completely customisable and we are more than happy to personally help you create the best shave set for your needs.  Just stop by our store or try filling out our custom shave set building form to get started.  We also have a wide variety of our most popular pre-built shave sets listed on the website.

And, just so we’re all on the same page, wet shaving and Copper Hat shave sets are awesome for anyone who shaves; men, women, Valentines and non-Valentines.  If you or someone you know is sick of the current shaving routine, come check us out; we’re happy to help and will give you 14% off any shave set you build until February 14, 2014!

Also, on Saturday, February 15th, our 3 Fan Tan Alley courtyard will become the studio of Photographer and Tintypist Ken Miner.  Ken with be using his 112 year old camera to shoot 1860’s tintype portraits of you (or you and your sweetie) on a first come – first served basis starting at 10:00am.  This event will also give you a chance to check out the creations of our lovely friend and neighbour, Radjuli Custom Designs, as well as pursue some fantastic shaving gear.  Please check out and share the event listing for more information.

Brad & Kate