Big News!

Big News Folks!

The last time many of you heard from us, we likely told you in person, in our newsletter, or through our blog post, that we would soon be closing our brick-and-mortar store in Market Square.  Today we get to share the big news that we have decided to stay!!

We took some time off in January to rest and reflect on our journey as a business and concluded that we’re just not done with this little store!

Over the past several months, we’ve had many conversations in person, over the phone and by email with folks who we’ve grown to know through the store.  While most of you were supportive of our evolution into a primarily online business, we also heard from many of you that you were grateful for the store and would really miss it.  We started to realize that we would really miss it too!

The last several years have been quite the adventure for The Copper Hat, and we really thought we were ready for a break.  After giving it more thought, we realized that yes, we need a break, but quitting the store altogether is not the answer.  Chatting with you folks in the store is what gives us the energy to keep chugging along, sharing wet shaving with razor-burnt people worldwide! Whether you live Downtown and stroll in on a lazy Sunday, drive like mad to get here after work, discovered us at random while vacationing in Victoria, or just love spending time in small, local businesses, THANK YOU!  We are so pumped that you care enough about our store and getting a good shave that you make your way into beautiful Market Square. 


So here we go, onto a new chapter of The Copper Hat – we would be so happy if you would join us. 

Want to show your support but already own every scent of soap and every brand of blades??  Consider telling a friend about our store/website.  Word-of-mouth referrals make a huge difference to our business!  We’d also appreciate it very much if you’d leave us a Google review and/or review your favourite products right on our website,

To stay in the loop with what we’re up to, events, and promotions, please sign up for our email list (we’re moving away from social media).

Thank you for your continued support! We look forward to seeing you soon!

-Brad and Kate

Store Hours:

  • Wed-Sat: 11am-5pm
  • Sun: 11am-4pm
  • Mon & Tues: Closed

The Micromatic – This Lady’s Best Shave

I love vintage razors and I have tried almost every style.  I love double-edged razors for their versatility, injectors for their speed, and straights for their incomparable closeness… but this week I found my perfect leg-shaving razor.

The Razor

The GEM Micromatic is a slick looking single-edged razor with some weight to it – 64 grams to be exact.  It is a twist-to-open style (perfect for me since I tend to lose removable razor heads) that takes standard GEM single-edged blades.  The Micromatic was manufactured for a few decades between the 1920’s and 40’s and came in a wide variety of packaging, from hinged Bakelite and leather cases (some lined with velvet) to brightly cololured cardboard boxes.  It was never marketed as a women’s razor, but after my test run, I believe it should have been.

The Shave

My brush of choice was my silver-tipped badger hair set in pink acrylic, made by none-other than my husband, Brad.  I used a wonderful shaving soap that was hand-made by a Vancouver Island soap-maker, Dragonfly Dreaming.  I love this soap because it is all-natural, lathers quickly and with a lot of body, and is extremely gentle on my sensitive skin.  The weight and angle of the Micromatic did all of the work for me, gliding smoothly over my skin.  As usual, I over-thought my knees, shaving with the blade more perpendicular than parallel to my skin and that caused a bit of irritation around that bony area.  As with most single-edged razor, the Micromatic’s head is angled exactly right to guide your shave – you simply move the head of the razor flat against your skin.  In future, I will adhere to this rule more strictly when using the Micromatic around my knees.  On the rest of my legs the Micromatic was flawless.  It was a very quick, 1-pass shave and there was no razor burn or red bumps at all.

The Result

My overall result was amazing!  I am thrilled with this razor for many reasons, the main one being that I shaved my legs 3 days ago and they still feel like day 1!  For me, that is better longevity than what I get with a straight razor shave (the king of all shaves, ever).  I have used more brands and models of razors than most women (and men) out there, and the Micromatic has quickly become my favourite for a smooth, long-lasting shave.  I still believe that a double-edged razor is fantastic for its ease of use and versatility, and that injectors are an extremely quick and easy shave, but when I am looking for a slightly more involved, but long-lasting shave, I will definitely turn to my Micromatic.

It should be noted that Brad also tried this razor and his results were not nearly the same as mine.  He found that the razor had a hard time manoeuvring around corners and bony areas of his face – similar to that of my knees.  For that reason (it’s lack of agility around bumps and bones), I think the Micromatic is perfectly suited for the long, straight area of a woman’s legs.