Summertime Shaving Tips

Hints for Faces:

  • During hot summer months, you’ll likely sweat more throughout the day.  This can make skin feel greasy.  Keeping a gentle toning aftershave on hand at work, the gym or at home is a refreshing way to gently cleanse your skin and tighten up pores.  You can splash some on any time, not just after shaving. We recommend this gentle aftershave splash if you’re on the hunt: Red Cedar Aftershave Splash.
  • If you’ve spent the day in the sun or wind, try a cooling aftershave balm to soothe skin.  We personally find the Anthony Gold Cool Mint Aftershave Balm is excellent for that!
  • Need something refreshing to wake you up in the morning?  Try a cold water shave! It sounds shocking, but a wet shave with cold or cool water can feel great on a hot day.  Many folks really enjoy the way the cool water helps stubble stand up prior to shaving.
  • Speaking of a cold shave, our Shaved Ice shave soap includes peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils that help cool and refresh your skin during your shave.  It’s our most popular soap in the summer months because of its cooling kick!

Hints for Legs and Body:

  • Chlorine and salt water can irritate recently shaven skin, so if possible, give it an hour 2 between shaving and going for a swim.
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! You’ve gone to the effort to get an awesome shave, so finish it up with an excellent body butter! A moisturizer like this will soothe dry skin, help prevent ingrowns, and feel amazing!  
  • Just-shaved skin doesn’t like friction, so help prevent ingrowns by wearing loose clothing right after your shave.
  • Issues with shaving underarms?  Check your deoderant or antiperspirant situation!  Underarm products easily clog up razors, so wash them off before you begin shaving.

Hints for Beards:

  • It’s summertime! No need for a thick, face-insulating beard to keep you warm! If you’ve been thinking about a trim, this is the time to go for it!  Ask your barber to trim up the sides of you beard and snip off any stubborn split ends at the bottom.  
  • If the warmth of the sun is melting your beard balm, you might enjoy trying a beard brush for this time of year.  This boar bristle beard and hair brushevenly distributes the naturally-occurring oil from your face through your beard so that you can get away with using less beard balm or oil.