Here at The Copper Hat we talk a lot about shaving, but we like to talk about a lot of other things, too.

This month, we’re talking about mental health, and we’d love for you to join us.  Both of us (Kate & Brad) are proponents of the de-stigmatization of mental health issues.  Right now we’re working to raise awareness about mental health issues, especially among men, through both the Movember Foundation and the Partners for Mental Health “Right By You” campaign.


Each November, the Movember Foundation changes the face of men’s health by encouraging men to grow out their moustaches and wear them loud and proud, prompting conversations about men’s health.  Participants, AKA Mo Bros, also raise funds for men’s health initiatives including those fighting prostate and testicular cancer.  This year, Movember has added mental health to their list of supporting causes and we are very happy to see it there.  Mental illness is a HUGE concern among men, and while we support increased mental health services for everyone, we recognize that it is especially difficult for guys to discuss mental illness.

Right by YouRight By You is the current campaign of Partners for Mental Health and is focused on raising awareness about the lack of mental health services available to young people in Canada.  Through this campaign you can learn more about mental health issues, tell your own story, generate important conversations and sign a petition in support of increased mental health services.

Where do I come in?

Do you agree that mental health, including men’s mental health, is an important issue and cause?  If you do, connect with one of these awesome organizations and put your name in our draw for a complete cigar box wet shaving set.  For the month of November, ahem, Movember, show us your support for either the Movember Foundation and/or the Right By You campaign and we’ll put your name in a draw for this awesome cigar box wet shaving set  to be drawn on November 30, 2013.

How does it work?


  • Support Mental Health SetJust send us an email with a link to your “Mo Space” Movember Fundraising profile page stating that you’ve raised $40 or more for the cause OR
  • If you’re not a Mo Bro this year, but have donated to a Mo Bro, just email us a confirmation of your donation of any amount or a screen shot showing your donation OR
  • If you choose to sign the Right By You petition, just send us a screen shot of the “Thank You” webpage that appears at the end.

We’ll compile a list of everyone who contacts us and shows us their support for these important mental health initiatives.  On November 30, 2013, we’ll put all of the names in a hat and randomly select someone to win the shave set.  If you have any questions about entering this draw, please feel free to drop us a line.

Thank you for joining us in supporting Movember & the Right By You campaign, and in turn promoting increased mental health services for everyone!

-Brad & Kate

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