Do the Math. Safety razors take blades that cost $2 for 5, or 40 cents a blade.  If each blade lasts 5 shaves that’s 8 cents a shave.  How much was your last drugstore razor and blade purchase?

Watch what you are Throwing Out. Drugstore cartridges are composed of a number of different plastics and metals that cannot be separated and recycled. Disposable razors are even worse.  Our safety razors take individual blades that are recyclable (check with your community recycling program on how to recycle sharps)!

The Brush Makes all the Difference. Canned shave foam is full of chemical ingredients and can contribute to razor burn and ingrown hairs.  Our all-natural shave soap is formulated to moisturize your skin while the shaving brush distributes lather evenly and helps raise hairs for a closer shave. A brush exfoliates skin, removing dead cells and leaving skin properly prepared for your shave.

Quantity Does Not Equal Quality. As you draw a 5 blade cartridge over your skin, the first blade acts as a snowplough, dragging your shaving cream with it. Now, multiple blades are shaving unprotected skin; that is like dry shaving over and over again every time you use that razor! The result: irritated skin smeared with a gooey substance deposited by your cartridge to camouflage razor burn.

It is an Art. Wet shaving is all about slowing down enough to get a quality shave that you enjoy rather than rush through. It allows you to customize a shave routine that suits you perfectly.  And man oh man does it ever look cool.

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