In 2010 we set up The Copper Hat at our first craft show in Sidney, BC.  Since then, we’ve been to countless outdoor markets, craft shows, music festivals, community events and have set up shop in several different spaces in Downtown Victoria, most recently, Market Square. What a journey!

We’ve been operating solely online since the end of September, and it’s not going too bad! We definitely miss the interaction with clients in the store and being able to chat with folks in person though – that was the best part of the job 😀

But after almost a year of operating The Copper Hat online and taking a lot of time to think, we’ve decided on some big changes.  So here goes…. we are moving off of Vancouver Island for the time being to pursue some other adventures and goals!

The great thing is, no matter where we are in this country, we can connect with clients through our website and by phone, and ship orders as usual!

What does this mean for you?

If you don’t live in the greater Victoria area, nothing changes for you.  You can still place your order on the website as usual and we will ship it within 1-3 days.

If you live in Victoria and have been using the $3 local delivery option, that will change (since we won’t be here).  For you, we highly recommend checking out the amazing local businesses Zero Waste Emporium (1728 Douglas St) and Market Collective by Shi (in The Bay Centre and at Mattick’s Farm) to find your Copper Hat gear!  Market Collective carries our tins of soap, Journey shaving brushes, and beard oils and Zero Waste Emporium carries our refill soap pucks and they have a variety of other shaving gear.

We’d also be very happy and grateful if you continue to place orders on our website 🙂  Your shipping price will go up a few dollars, but we try to keep things as reasonable as possible.  If you’d like to take advantage of the $3 local delivery price, it will stay the same for folks in the Victoria area until early July, when we move.

As we move forward, our aim is to connect with more local retailers across the country so that you can find your Copper Hat supplies in-person – we hope to reach out to you in the future to ask about your favourite local shops that might be a good fit for our gear!

Thank YOU!!!

Whether we met you at a craft show, in the store, or through our website, you are a part of our Copper Hat journey – thank you very much for that.  It has been a privilege to operate a retail store and meet so many of you.  The stories you’ve shared in the store are honestly what has kept us going over the years.  You’ve inspired us to get out there, move around, and meet more folks as we continue on our adventure, wherever that may lead!

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