Wilkinson Sword Classic Blades 5 pack

Wilkinson Sword Classic Blades 5 pack

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*** in our experience, Wilkinson blades tend to work best for people with very fine, thin hair. They are not ideal for people with coarse facial hair or for leg hair ***

All brands of double edge razor blades will fit almost every double edge razor you can find. Whether your razor is brand new or was made in 1910, the blades it uses are the same shape and size.

Although the fit is standard, the edge, thickness and materials of each brand of blade will be slightly different. If you haven’t tried a few different brands, you should. We have sold razor blades to thousands of people in our physical store and online for years, and the thing we can’t stress enough is that not all blades work the same for every person! Your hair type, skin type, razor make and model and shaving frequency will change the kind of blade you’ll like. When selecting the best blade for you, keep in mind that it should give you good, clean, irritation free shaves for 5 to 7 shaves; if it doesn’t, try something else. If you haven’t used a variety of blades yet, start by trying a combo pack – it includes 5 different brand of blades. If you’d like to mix and match the blades you get, just drop us a line, we’re happy to make up specific mix packs.

Please note: this brand of blades is packaged in a hard plastic case.  In order to ship them in envelopes (the $1.50 blades only shipping option), we have to take the blades out of their original packaging.  Thanks!

4 reviews

  1. Briguy1959 (verified owner)

    With quality preshave and shaving cream I tried these blades with my Muhle R89 with 2 days growth. The first day my first blade did a mediocre job at best and half way through my third pass with my second blade I realized that almost my entire beard was still intact. For a high profile company there product is a disappointment. I will be sticking with my Crystal blades which cleaned up my incomplete Wilkinson’s shave with one pass. I’d give away my remaining blades but I wouldn’t want anyone I care about to experience similar
    below average shaves.

    • Bradj

      Thanks for the blade review Briguy1959! This is a perfect example of how different brands of blades work differently for different people. We’re often asked “which blade is right for me?” and we always respond with “you have to try them out to find the perfect match”! There are so many options in wet shaving, which is why we love it, but it means you should test out a few products before committing to one. Generally we find that people with slower growing, thinner, lighter hair prefer Wilkinson’s whereas those with coarser, faster growing hair will tend to like Crystals.

  2. Steve

    I’m not completely sold on this blade. It came in my combo pack of five blades when I began wet shaving five months ago. I found it tugged and pulled the hair rather then a smooth shave. I have read reviews that many use this as their first blade when they enter the world of wet shaving – but after a while give it a second chance and find they themselves have improved and enjoyed it the second time around. Will have to give this blade a second chance – not completely sold following first shave with it.

    • Bradj

      Hey Steve,

      The Wilkinson for some can simply be to mild. We place it in the sample pack as a nice forgiving blade to start with however myself included I find them a little too mild for my thick facial hair. It’s always worth a try down the road once your technique and system are really feeling good but you may still not enjoy them simply because they’re not the right blades for you. Cheers!

  3. Jesse

    I picked up a pack once a while back. I did not care for them at all and the only blade(s) I had to compare to were the Gillette’s I have been previously using. I did force myself to finish the pack by letting myself run out of regular blades. I did not find these provided as comfortable a shave. I am now experimenting with some of the other blades.

  4. Clive

    This blade didn’t work as well for me either. That said, I only shave about once a week so I need less of a razor and more of an axe. I only got 1 fewer shave from this blade as I typically get from others, but it pulled a lot. If I became a daily shaver, I’m sure I would have a difference opinion of this blade as my expectations (and my stubble) would be totally different.

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