The Starter Complete Shave Set |Synthetic Nylon|

The Starter Complete Shave Set |Synthetic Nylon|


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This complete shave set includes everything someone new to wet shaving needs for the perfect wet shave!

The set includes:

  • a Parker Synthetic Nylon shaving brush.  This hair type is extremely soft and is great for people who prefer not to use animal materials.  Synthetic bristles are not as water absorbent as badger hair so it can take a little longer to lather with this brush, but you’ll get used to it pretty quick.  Our lathering tutorial video talks about that.
  • a Parker Chrome Handled Double Edged Safety Razor.  A double edged safety razor such as this one uses a standard double edged blade and provides an extremely smooth, clean shave when paired with shave soap and a brush. This particular razor is a twist-to-open or butterfly style, meaning you twist the razor handle and the head of the razor will open like 2 doors in order for you to load the blade.  This razor is suitable for new wet shavers and seasoned veterans alike and comes with a full “how to” sheet explaining how to get the best shave.
  • a tin of our own Copper Hat All-Natural Shave Soap.  This soap creates a thick and moisturizing lather while protecting the skin.  It is available in several scents that you can choose from. Please note the soap scent you’d like in your order comments.
  • a 5 pack of razor blades suitable for a new or veteran wet shaver

This shave set will come packed in gift box and will include a full how-to page of wet shaving instructions. If your wet shaver has any questions we encourage him or her to contact us – we’re more than happy to help!***As always, this shave set it completely customisable and we are happy to make substitutions and suggestions. Please contact us if you are interested.***


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