The Copper Hat All-Natural Shave Soap |Coastal Fair|

The Copper Hat All-Natural Shave Soap |Coastal Fair|

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This soap pairs the essence of Pacific Northwest lavender fields and a touch of sweet vanilla, creating a unique and irresistible scent.  The mix of lavender and vanilla essential oils is gentle and calming to the senses. We make our soap with all natural ingredients and essential oils that respect both the planet and our skin. Our soap is moisturizing, clean rinsing, and beneficial for all skin types.  We’ve formulated this shave soap to lather exceptionally well, protect your skin and last longer than aerosol cans of shave gel.  The soap comes in its own waterproof aluminum tin with a screw top lid, making it easy to whip up a lather right in the tin.

Made in Victoria, Canada  |  75g

Ingredients  |  Aqua/water/eau, vegetable glycerin végétal,  cocos nucifera [Coconut Oil], elaeis guineensis [sustainably sourced Palm Oil], helianthus annuus [Sunflower Oil], sodium stearate, sodium myristate, Goat’s Milk/lait de chévres, titanium dioxide, butyrospermum parkii [Shea Butter], theobroma cacoa [Cocoa Butter], prunus dulcis [Sweet Almond Oil], prunus armenica [Apricot Kernel Oil] & essential oils/huiles essentielles

3 reviews

  1. Dave

    Found the Copper Hat by accident strolling the historic alley tour. This was the first soap I have tried and I enjoyed it thoroughly. The scent really gave me a lift and the lather is rich. Summer holidays and I found myself shaving for the fun of it. Will sample another scent next, Lumber Jack for the fall methinks, but I will be back for the Fair.

  2. d.alferink

    Got a dozen shaves in with the Copper Hat’s Coastal Fair soap and I am very pleased. This soap lathers easily and is rich. Loading up the brush once will get you two passes and a third one if needed. Since my neck area tends to be more sensitive, I get to deal with occasional razor burn. With this soap however, I have experienced a significant improvement. Where most other soaps leave my skin feel dry, as in grandma’s hand-soap bar dry, the Copper Hat soaps leave my skin feel ‘moisturized’ and supple. Translation: No more razor burns! Perhaps it helps that the soap has good lubricating properties and/or anti-inflammatory ingredients … whatever it is, I’m impressed!

    Subjective from one shaver to another, the Coastal Fair scent is of warm yet gentle ‘creamy’ lavender, very nice.

    Fun facts: Derived from all natural ingredients/essential oils and locally made by owners.

  3. Murray

    This is a great scent. I was in Vancouver and happened upon a small soap dispensary which happens to carry the Copper Hat line. Picked up a refill of my favourite; Lumberjack, and decided to try a new scent while I was at it. This may replace the Lumberjack as my favourite Copper Hat offering!

    As I have come to expect from Copper Hat, the lather is thick and easy to build. A great soap. Coming to Victoria next week and will have to stop by to pick up a couple refill pucks.

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