Proraso Oatmeal and Green Tea Pre/Post-Shave Cream

Proraso Oatmeal and Green Tea Pre/Post-Shave Cream


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This pre-shave cream is part of Proraso’s White line of shaving products that includes green tea, oatmeal and thyme extracts.  This product can be used both before and after the shave to add additional protection to the skin.  Oatmeal Extract has a softening and soothing effect, Green Tea is a natural antioxidant and Thyme Extract is a natural antibacterial that prevents irritation after a shave. Softens the beard and protects the skin like an invisible shield, facilitating a smooth shave without causing irritation or small cuts.   A fresh and fruity fragrance with notes of lime and apple.

Proraso has been creating high quality shaving soaps, creams, and treatments in Italy since 1948.

100mL jar – Product of Italy



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