Parker A1R Travel Double Edge Safety Razor

Parker A1R Travel Double Edge Safety Razor

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3 piece knock apart travel razor including a leather pouch.

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The Parker A1R Travel razor is part of our Parker collection of razors. A double edged safety razor such as this one uses a standard double edged blade and provides an extremely smooth, clean shave when paired with shave soap and a brush. This particular razor is a 3-piece style, meaning that you twist the 2 head plates off of the handle and sandwich a blade between the 2 before twisting them back onto the handle. See what we mean by that. This razor is suitable for new wet shavers and seasoned veterans alike and comes with a full “how to” sheet explaining how to get the best shave.

1 review

  1. justin.bakker (verified owner)

    Great compact razor for the man or woman on the go! Simple assembly and disassembly lets you pack up in a hurry. The handy travel pouch is sturdy yet malleable enough to squish into your shave kit. Also looks great put together and left on a stand at home!

    • Bradj

      Glad you like it! The A1R has a great weight balance and blade exposure for me and I find it’s my first though when packing my travel case!

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