Parker 111B Double Edge Safety Razor

Parker 111B Double Edge Safety Razor

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The Parker 111b razor is part of our collection of brand new manufactured Parker razors. A double edged safety razor such as this one uses a standard double edged blade and provides an extremely smooth, clean shave when paired with shave soap and a brush. This particular razor is a 3-piece style, meaning that you twist the 2 head plates off of the handle and sandwich a blade between the 2 before twisting them back onto the handle. See what we mean by that. This razor is suitable for new wet shavers and seasoned veterans alike and comes with a full “how to” sheet explaining how to get the best shave.

3 reviews

  1. Nicole

    Works great for legs!

  2. Tara

    Great quality product! Love the close shave. Easy to use! The Copper Hat was also really great at answering my questions about shaving with a safety razor. I recommend this product, and the awesome customer service.

  3. Reeve Martin

    Brad, thank you for spending some time with my daughter and me this afternoon -classic, handmade and timeless generational local made products are rare. Your passion and enthusiasm is infectious – all the best and we look forward to seeing more of your handmade products in the future – some collect oddities – I think I want to collect “brad” Copper brushes – best Reeve

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