Handmade Safety Razor Cover in Sustainable Leather

Handmade Safety Razor Cover in Sustainable Leather



These razor covers are great for the travelling wet shaver.  It can be frustrating tossing your razor in your shaving kit knowing you may nick your fingers when you blindly reach in to pull it out.  Taking the blade out of the razor after every shave while travelling can also be annoying.  These little beauties will cover your razor, blade and all, making it safe and easy to store and transport.  Made from extremely durable off-cut boot leather, these are both sustainably crafted and sturdy  Handcrafted with love and talent by RadJuli Custom Leather in Victoria, BC. Our razor covers  are all unique and one of a kind so their colour and texture will vary. If you’re looking for something in particular please leave a comment with your order.  If you don’t leave a comment we’ll just choose an awesome leather razor cover for you!


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