Royal Blue Handcrafted Lathering Bowl

Royal Blue Handcrafted Lathering Bowl


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This apothecary lathering mug was handcrafted by Vancouver potter, Eva.  We worked with Eva to design the perfectly sized and shaped ceramic mug to ensure an easy grip and excellent lathering capabilities.  A mug like this is a great idea if you shave every day and want to keep your lather contained. All of the mugs are one-of-a-kind, and vary slightly in shape and size.  Each mug has gradually sloping edges and textured insides to keep your soap from sliding around.  Some of the bowls have handles while others do not, but all are very comfortable to hold.

All mugs will fit a standard puck of shave soap that is between 2.5 and 3 inches in diameter, like our own Copper Hat Shave Soap. 

Eva has been part of the art world for the past 48 years and began working with clay and glazes over 16 years ago.  She was originally told by an instructor that she would never be able to work as a potter because of birth defect in her left arm, but her desire to make pots was so overwhelming that she battled through it.  Eva now describes pottery as her sanity and loves making unique and functional works of art for people to use in their daily lives.


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