Handcrafted, All-Natural Mane Beard Cream

Handcrafted, All-Natural Mane Beard Cream

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Mane Beard Cream is a must have if you’re trying to grow out a manly beard or moustache, but can’t stand the itchy, dry skin underneath.  This product was specialty formulated by a local artisan and is hand crafted with only high quality, natural essential oils, butters and waxes. Mane Beard cream is to be massaged in at the roots of the facial hair to nourish and moisturize the skin and hair while also giving the hair a slight shine for a suave look. Our clients in The Copper Hat brick-and-mortar store are in love with this product!

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Facial hair enthusiasts rejoice!

This amazing product is locally hand crafted in Victoria using only high quality, 100% natural ingredients. When applied, this facial hair nourisher softens, styles and alleviates itch. This beard cream will not make the beard or moustache look greasy or wet.  Beard cream is ideal for beards under 3 inches in length.

Massage into skin at the base of the hair follicle and pull extra through the hair to provide a finished look. A little goes a long way.

Tame the Mane.

50mL. Product of Vancouver Island, Canada

2 reviews

  1. Patrick O’Keeffe

    I have been using Mane for about 3 years and absolutely love It! A small amount goes a long way. It is subtle, smooth and has a great easy fragrance (something I am sensitive to). I have people touch my beard often and are always so surprised how soft it is. An amazing product.

  2. Bliss Prema

    I use it on the tips of my hair and can’t believe I loved this long without it. Once you use it, you become a lifelong customer because you can’t go a day without it. And a little goes a long way without ever looking greasy. And the smell is literally heaven.

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