Gillette 7’Oclock Super Stainless Blades 5 pack [green]

Gillette 7’Oclock Super Stainless Blades 5 pack [green]

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All brands of double edge razor blades will fit almost every double edge razor you can find. Whether your razor is brand new or was made in 1910, the blades it uses are the same shape and size.

Although the fit is standard, the edge, thickness and materials of each brand of blade will be slightly different. If you haven’t tried a few different brands, you should. We have sold razor blades to thousands of people in our physical store and online for years, and the thing we can’t stress enough is that not all blades work the same for every person! Your hair type, skin type, razor make and model and shaving frequency will change the kind of blade you’ll like. When selecting the best blade for you, keep in mind that it should give you good, clean, irritation free shaves for 5 to 7 shaves; if it doesn’t, try something else. If you haven’t used a variety of blades yet, start by trying a combo pack – it includes 5 different brand of blades. If you’d like to mix and match the blades you get, just drop us a line, we’re happy to make up specific mix packs.

1 review

  1. Clive

    On my typical 5-7 days of growth, this blade performed well, lasting my average number of shaves (5 or 6) and giving a nice clean shave with minimal-to-no nicks.

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