Gem Single Edge PTFE 5 Pack Blades

Gem Single Edge PTFE 5 Pack Blades

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These blades are for single edge razors only and do not fit double edge razors. Most single edge razors are antique. If you’re unsure of the blades you need, please see the photo below or drop us a line.

single edge razor blades

2 reviews

  1. Dana Emans (verified owner)

    First time trying single edge blades in a vintage Gem 1912, smooth blades, mowed through 5 days growth with ease ,will definitely buy again

  2. Merlin C.

    Ever since walking downtown Victoria with my wife, and found the Copper Hat, 6 years ago on vacation, it is my go to place! We have now moved to the mid Island. So on our journey’s down to Victoria I trapes around with my wife to all her shops , but she understands we must head to get my supplies at “The Copper Hat”! I really don’t miss my old way of shaving since my Badger brush and straight raiser do such a nice job and are now displayed nicely on the bathroom vanity!!

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