Edwin Jagger Lime and Pomegranate Shaving Cream

Edwin Jagger Lime and Pomegranate Shaving Cream


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Edwin Jagger shaving cream is specially formulated using a unique combination of organic ingredients, enhanced by plant extracts, to create a luxurious lather for a smooth and comfortable shave.  Edwin Jagger skincare is 99% naturally derived and paraben free.

When used with hot water and, ideally but not necessarily, a good quality shaving brush, even a small amount will produce a thick, creamy lather. The combination of brush, hot water and natural ingredients will soften and lift stubble in preparation for the razor blade.

A combination of both the Lime and Pomegranate essential oils will help to cleanse and restore skin leaving it toned and protected against the elements.  This delicate fruity fragrance is light and refreshing.

100mL | Made in England


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