Razor Blade Bank / Razor Blade Case

Razor Blade Bank / Razor Blade Case


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This simple, aluminum slide top tin is perfect for storing your used razor blades until you’re ready to safely recycle them.  The tin will hold approximately 30 blades.  Some folks like to use this tin as a blade case to keep their blades protected while travelling.

A Word on Used Razor Blades

Please never throw blades in the garbage unless they are securely boxed up and marked as “sharp” – think of the people who handle your garbage after you do.

Razor blades are made from stainless steel and can be recycled, but not in household recycling bins.  Many machine shops, metal workers or specialty recycling organizations accept scrap steel for free, but you need to check with the businesses in your community.  If you collect your used blades safely in a tin like this one, a mason jar or other similar container, you won’t have to worry about recycling your blades for a very long time because each blade takes up so little space.

Want to get scientific about it? Pour white vinegar into a jar of old razor blades and watch them rust away over a few weeks!

If you are in the Victoria area, bring your used blades back to us at The Copper Hat!



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