Black & Chrome Complete Shave Kit

Black & Chrome Complete Shave Kit

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This complete shave set includes everything needed for the perfect wet shave!

The set includes:

  • a Parker black and chrome handled shaving brush set with Pure Badger bristles
  • a black acrylic stand for the brush
  • a Parker  Double Edged Safety Razor with a suave and easy-to-hold black acrylic handle.  A double edged safety razor such as this one uses a standard double edged blade and provides an extremely smooth, clean shave when paired with shave soap and a brush
  • a tin of our own Copper Hat All-Natural Shave Soap.  This soap creates a thick and moisturizing lather while protecting the skin.  It is available in several scents that you can choose from. Please note the soap scent you’d like in your order comments.
  • a 10mL glass bottle of Anthony Gold brand aftershave made with natural ingredients in Vancouver
  • a 5 pack of razor blades suitable for a new or veteran wet shaver

This shave set will come packed in gift box and will include a full how-to page of wet shaving instructions. If your wet shaver has any questions we encourage him or her to contact us – we’re more than happy to help!***As always, this shave set it completely customisable and we are happy to make substitutions and suggestions. Please contact us if you are interested.***


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