30mm Silvertip CopperHat Acrylic Brush
Taconic Eucalytpus + Mint Cream
61 Gillette FatBoy
Israeli Super Platinum
Adam A/S

This line-up other than the addition of the new blades has started to become my everyday.  As the brush breaks in I’m loving it more and more, the giant knot is fantastic and whips up more lather than I could need.  I’m also really starting to enjoy the Taconic.  It’s a nice smell with a subtle cooling kick that lasts the entire shave.  The FatBoy as always provides a beautiful shave set to 5 and paired with the new Super Platinum blades I get a perfect BBS after just 2 passes that lasts a full 1.5 days.  Finishing up with the Adam which is a great A/S with very little burn and a very nice calming effect on the skin.  Day in day out this setup is proving to be hard to match with other gear.

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