A major benefit to wet shaving is that your greatly decrease your environmental impact.  Plastic cartridges and disposable razors are impossible to recycle unless you disassemble them first (that means somehow pulling out the sharp blades – fun!).  Think about how often you shave, and then how often everyone else shaves and then how much waste that can collectively create.  Shaving is one of the most wasteful practices we take part in on a day-to-day basis so by using recyclable safety razor blades, we can dramatically decrease the amount of garbage that makes it to the landfill.

You know that your double or single edge razor blades are recyclable, but do you know exactly how to recycle them?  Most razor blades are made out of stainless steel, meaning they can be melted down and used for new projects.  Specialty metal recyclers can take your blades, you just need to find out who those businesses are in your area.

If you live here in Victoria or can make it to our store on Johnson Street, bring your blades in to us and toss them in our blade collection jug.  When the jug is full we’ll use the blades for a really cool project (it’s a secret for now but we’ll post more details as the jug fills up).

If you don’t live in Victoria and have recycled your blades at a different facility, feel free to post in the comment section so that others in your area can give it a try.

Recycle your razor blades

Recycle your razor blades

2 thoughts on “Recycle your razor blades

  1. I do like the idea of recycling more, and it is true that all the razor blades being used are making a whole lot of garbage. How easy is it to remove one of the wet blade razors? Also do your products come with detachable heads or every blade and handle are one piece?

    • Great question. A traditional safety razor uses the blades seen in the picture. They load in different ways depending on the style of razor but in general are very simple to safely remove and replace in the razor. The razor blade is a separate piece from the razor or “handle”. Once you’ve bought a razor handle if it’s taken care of it could out live the person using it eliminating the disposable handles as well. The blades are changed on average once every 5 to 7 shaves and then disposed of for recycling.


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