The answer to this question varies.  There are few questions to think about:  First of all, how much area are you shaving?  2 legs include a lot more area than 1 face, and therefore most women will wear out a blade sooner than a man.  Second, how coarse and dense is your hair?  Some people are lucky enough to have soft, spaced out hair while others have stubble that grows in fast, dense and thick like bamboo!  Coarse stubble will dull a blade faster than soft hair.  Third, how often to you shave?  If you let your hair grow for weeks at a time, a blade will have to do more work than if you shave every day or 2.  Fourth, which blade are you using?  While almost every double edged blade will fit your razor, they are all a little bit different.  Blades are made from different metals and have various coatings and angles.  It will take a few shaves to figure out which blade is optimal for your skin and hair.  It’s all part of the wet shaving adventure!  But to answer your question, we find that for women a blade lasts about 4 shaves, for men about 6.  And since we can see you doing the math in your head, that’s an average of 5 shaves per blade or 25 shaves per pack of blades.  A pack of blades is 2 bucks.  That’s 8 cents a shave.  Can your cartridge razor do that?

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