Holiday Gift Guide 2021

We miss being in the store, teaching folks about wet shaving and helping gift givers pick out great options for their friends & family. So please let this guide act as a little tour of some of our most popular gift options 😊


For Someone New to Wet Shaving:

If your giftee is new to wet shaving and has sent you our way, we recommend a complete kit. We have lots of options, but all kits include everything needed for a fantastic wet shave.  You choose the razor design, brush colour, and shave soap scent. SHOP SHAVE SETS

For Those who Love their Facial Hair:

Our motto is “shave what you want, if you want”. So if your giftee loves their facial hair, help them keep it clean, soft and in control with a beard kit.  We have 1 kit for short beards and another for longer beards. SHOP BEARD GEAR


For Leg Shavers & Those Who Love Super Moisturized Skin:

If your giftee shaves areas other than their face, our luxurious body butter and/or scrub is a great way to soften skin and acts as an after shave moisturizer for the body. SHOP BODY BUTTER


For the Wet Shaver who has Everything Already:

Groom Mate Battery-free Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer with pouch and cleaning brushCollecting shaving stuff is a problem, we know…. So for the person has all the shave gear they need but still sent you our way, try a no-battery nose hair trimmer (the gift most people need but very few ask for)! SHOP TRIMMERS


For People who Prefer Unscented:

For many of us, navigating a world of perfumes and fragranced products is challenging.  The products found here are unscented – not even with essential oils. SHOP UNSCENTED


$50 and Under

If you have $50 to spend and the question is “do I get a brush or do I get a razor?”, get the brush. This came up ALL THE TIME in the store, and trust us, someone who starts with a shaving brush (rather than someone who starts with a safety razor without a shaving brush) will have a MUCH better time.  Safety razors are awesome, but they take a while to get the hang of.  A shaving brush makes a huge difference to your shave and is easy to learn how to use. SHOP SHAVING BRUSHES

$15 and Under

The Copper Hat All-natural Shave Soap LumberjackA puck or tin of soap is always a great gift and there are several scents to choose from! SHOP SHAVE SOAP


For the Picky Giftee or if You’re Short on Time:

If this wet shaving stuff is making your eyes cross, go with a gift certificate! We’ll email you a card to print that includes the coupon code to use on our website.  This is a perfect option if things are a little last minute since you’ll receive the emailed gift certificate the day you order it. SHOP GIFT CERTIFICATES

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