NOW HIRING! — Please apply by August 8, 2018 by sending your resume to or dropping it off in person at our store in Market Square

Team Member – The Copper Hat Shaving & Skincare

The Copper Hat is a small, owner-operated retail shop that provides exceptional customer service and education around alternative shaving routines and personalized skincare. Established in 2009 by husband and wife, Brad and Kate, The Copper Hat is currently located both in our brick-and-mortar store in historic Market Square, Victoria, and on our online store. We began The Copper Hat because, like many people, we hated shaving. We found drug store shaving supplies irritating to the skin, outrageously expensive and extremely wasteful. We found solutions to those problems and wanted to share them with others… The Copper Hat was born!

We are currently looking for someone to work with us and help us move The Copper Hat forward. You might call this a “sales” job, but we think of it more as a “teaching-people-about-the-many-benefits-of-wet-shaving” job. In almost a decade in business, we know that these products can be life-changing. It may sound over the top, but it’s true. In our experience, people just need to learn about other options and then make an informed decision that works for them.

As owner-operators we are jacks-of-all-trades and we certainly have our strengths and weaknesses. We make shaving brushes and shave soap better than most, but find coming up with Instagram hashtags painful. We’re epic market vendors, but sometimes find it impossible to create the perfect in-store product display. We love chatting with people in person, but SEO for the website sometimes makes our heads spin. In short, we are looking for someone to compliment what we already do and help us grow. We don’t need you to be perfect or know everything, we just need you to be eager, excited, and willing to learn and share your expertise. Do you love social media content and marketing? Are you into search engine optimization and plugins? Do you have an eye for beautiful and functional retail merchandising? Are you passionate about the environment and eco-body and skin care? Do you love interacting with (mostly) friendly people in a unique and rewarding environment? Are you already a wet shaver and you’re pumped to share the news with others? Is your local community and artisan scene important to you? Do you love shopping small and local?

You don’t need to check all of those boxes to be our perfect match, they’re just a place to start!

A few things you should know about us:

We are not a barbershop. We get it, there are some similarities, but you wouldn’t go to the drug store shaving isle and expect to see a barber. We are here to supply anyone who shaves any part of their body with top-notch shaving and skin care supplies.

We are here for legs, faces and any other places. If you want to shave it, we can help. The principles of shaving are the same no matter what you shave. It’s extremely important to us that we create an environment in which anyone can feel comfortable discussing their shaving needs with us.

We are not a fancy men’s store. For us, using a shaving brush and safety razor isn’t cool because it’s fancy, it’s cool because it works! And sure, our gear makes awesome gifts for fancy men, but it’s also super practical, zero-waste and amazing for legs.

• Effectively communicate the advantages of our products to prospective customers in store and over the phone and email
• Maintain a clean and organized store front
• Pack and ship website orders
• Assist in stock management and merchandising
• Assist with social media and potentially advertising and graphic design
• Assist with manufacturing our line of skincare and shaving products
• Attend regular staff meetings


Technical Skills:
• Experience with Microsoft Word and Excel
• Basic photography skills or willingness to learn
• Familiarity with social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram
• Experience in retail or customer service-based workplace

You are:
• Trustworthy
• Outgoing
• Easy to get along with
• Down-to-earth
• A clear communicator
• Willing to ask lots of questions and learn
• Someone who shaves your legs, your face, your armpits or some other part of your body (is this exclusionary? Maybe. But we figure you probably don’t want to work in a shaving store if you don’t shave something.)
• Up for an adventure!

You have:
• Exceptional attention to detail
• A passion for environmental conservation and mindful living
• A great attitude
• An interest in skincare, natural products, and/or grooming

You are able to:
• Solve problems quickly and creatively
• Work individually and as a member of a team
• Work in a fast-paced retail environment
• Manage your time effectively
• Maintain a clean and organized workspace
• Interact with a wide-range of clients
• Provide excellent customer service
• Communicate with clients via phone and email
• Learn detailed information about products and makers


Hours of work:
• 3 days/week to start (19.5 hours/week) 10:45am-5:15pm. Days of the week are flexible but would likely be consecutive weekdays.
• Potential to work more full time hours in the future

What we offer you:
• A unique work experience in a small, independent business in historic Market Square
• An opportunity to work in a forward-thinking, environmentally-friendly, community minded business
• Freedom to be creative and use your skills
• Opportunity for growth within the organization
• Positive work environment
• In-store discount as well as discounts with many neighbouring businesses
• Flexible scheduling
• Market Square shower facilities and locked bike storage

We believe job searches are not a one-sided event. If you think you might be the right fit for this job but you have some questions, let us know! We’re very friendly! If you’ve never been in our store, you should definitely drop by before proceeding.

We interact best with people in person, so if you’d like to apply for this position and you live in Victoria, please bring your resume by the store during open hours and say “hi!” If that’s doesn’t work for you, you can also email your resume and a cover letter to

***We are located in the Johnson Street-level courtyard of Market Square next to Oscar & Libby’s and across from Wannawafel***  We are accepting resumes until Wednesday, August 8.  Thanks for your interest!