The Journey – Our Very Own Shaving Brush

The creation of this brush has been a wild adventure, so we thought it only fitting to name it after the Journey to get here!

We have been hand crafting fine shaving brushes and introducing folks to wet shaving since 2009.  Our handcrafted brushes are all one-of-a-kind and made by Brad, so take a lot of time and energy to produce.  It’s important to us to provide people with shaving options that suit all budget levels, and since the production cost of our handmade brushes can be high, we knew we needed another shaving brush option.  For many years we envisioned an ergonomic, easy-to-use production shaving brush that would be extremely unique, but also less expensive to produce and less expensive to buy.

After years of designing The Journey, we were able to send our design to a small, Canadian machine shop for it’s first production run in 2015! The result is a tall, sleek, heavy shaving brush suitable for any wet shaver.  We set the hair/bristles in the shaving brush handles ourselves, ensuring that each brush is crafted with care and attention.  The handles are crafted from acetal resin, and sometimes, in our special edition brushes, from aluminum.

We’ve designed this brush to be easy to use, comfortable to hold, and to provide a luxurious shave.  We stand behind this brush 100%.

Thank you for supporting small, local businesses and crafts people!

3 Years in Market Square Giveaway!

3 Years in Market Square Giveaway

UPDATE:  Congratulations to Lauren L, the winner of the giveaway, and a big thank you to everyone who entered.   We have to say, it was really powerful to see how many people got involved and shared their stories and well-wishes with us – thank you and happy shaving!

People ask us all the time “how long have you guys been here?”, and it’s kind of a loaded question!

We started The Copper Hat as a business in 2009, but before we had a brick-and-mortar store, we sold our gear online and at many different outdoor markets and craft shows.  In our first few years, Brad would meet people at local coffee shops and at our apartment to get them set up with wet shaving gear.

Markets and Craft Shows Collages

Our first permanent store location was in Rock Bay Square, and Brad both made all of our shaving brushes and sold all of our shaving supplies out of the same 100 square foot space.  Rock Bay Square has quite the history: originally a planing mill at the turn of the century, it now houses the work spaces of dozens of creative makers including leather workers, coffee roasters, jewelers and a wicked ice cream shop!

Brad’s wood shop is still in Rock Bay Square, but in 2013 we moved our store front into a tiny space in Fan Tan Alley.  This space allowed us to be in Downtown Victoria and get to know our neighbours and clients in Chinatown.  While we loved our Fan Tan Alley space, at 80 square feet, it was getting pretty squishy.

Moving from Fan Tan to Market Square

So, in the spring of 2014, we made the leap and started fixing up a new store space, just across the street from Fan Tan Alley, in Market Square.  After a lot of painting, constructing and assembling, we were ready for The Copper Hat 4.0!  3 years ago, on June 1, 2014 to be exact, we opened the doors of our new location in Market Square.  We are so happy to call this historic and funky area home and want to celebrate our Market Square Anniversary by giving away a shave set like none other!



We wanted to focus on some of the gear that makes us unique, so we’ve included lots of Copper Hat items as well as some of our other favourites:

The Journey Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush ($119) |  All-Natural Shave Soap ($12) |  Copper Hat Post-Shave Leg Balm ($14) |  Lathering Mug by our Favourite Potter ($39) |  Anthony Gold Natural Aftershave Lotion ($14) |  1957 Gillette “Superspeed” Safety Razor ($79)

You can enter this giveaway either online or in our store.  Limit of 1 entry per person.  We will randomly select the winning name on June 30, 2017 and the winner will be announced and contacted by email.  No purchase is necessary and you don’t need to live in Victoria to win. Good luck! -Kate & Brad


I Voted Giveaway

UPDATE: This giveaway was won by Instagram user! We are very grateful to everyone who participated in the giveaway and, more importantly, to everyone in Canada who got out there to vote!

The Canadian federal election is fast approaching and we think it’s important to express your right to vote!  Together with several other small, local businesses we’d like to do what we can to encourage you to cast your vote on Monday, October 19.  Enter to win this awesome gift pack of goodies from local businesses by posting a photo of you at your polling station on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #IVotedGiveaway . You can also email the photo here.   The morning after the election, we’ll draw for the winning voter!  Remember, voting does make a difference!

The items in this gift pack were kindly donated from awesome local artists and businesses:

Over $250 worth of goodies!

Shaving choices that are environmentally friendly, economical and great for the skin!

in the upper courtyard of Market Square, Victoria

A concentrated selection of what the West Coast Maker community has to offer. Innovative, outside the box and always handmade by real people.

in Market Square, just off the upper courtyard, Victoria

Unique, handmade leather bags and accessories made using primarily reclaimed and upcycled materials and a big heart!

check Facebook or instagram for upcoming shows

Extremely beautiful and high quality leather goods handcrafted using the best quality leather and finishing products.

check FB for upcoming shows and markets

Delectable confections handcrafted using organic, Fair Trade, high quality, and natural ingredients.

in the lower courtyard of Fan Tan Alley (Pandora Ave), Victoria

Freshly baked Italian specialties

in the lower courtyard of Fan Tan Alley (Pandora Ave), Victoria

Brewing coffees that we love.

at #122 – 560 Johsnon Street, Victoria

Granola handmade with organic, non-GMO oats, oils, fruit, honey and other Canadian ingredients.  

check website & Facebook for upcoming markets

If you are an artist or business who would like to contribute to this giveaway, please drop us a line!

Mental Health is Men’s Health

Movember Giveaway Shave Set The Copper HatHere at The Copper Hat we talk a lot about shaving, but we like to talk about a lot of other things, too.

This month, we’re talking about mental health, and we’d love for you to join us. Both of us (Kate & Brad) are proponents of the de-stigmatization of mental health issues. Right now we’re giving away a complete shave set to raise awareness about mental health issues, especially among men, through both the Movember Foundation and Partners for Mental Health Canada.

Made in MovemberEach November, the Movember Foundation changes the face of men’s health by encouraging men to grow out their moustaches and wear them loud and proud, prompting conversations about men’s health. Participants also raise funds for men’s health initiatives including those fighting prostate and testicular cancer. Last year, Movember added mental health to their list of supporting causes and we were very happy to see it there. Mental illness is a HUGE concern among men, and while we support increased mental health services for everyone, we recognize that it is especially difficult for guys to discuss mental illness.

Partners for Mental Health is a national charity aimed at improving mental health in Canada by mobilizing and Right by Youengaging Canadians to drive fundamental changes. Their current campaign is called “Right By You” and is focused on raising awareness about the lack of mental health services available to young people in Canada. Through this campaign you can learn more about mental health issues, tell your own story, generate important conversations and pledge your support for increased mental health services, including a National Suicide Prevention Fund.

Where do I come in?

Do you agree that mental health, including men’s mental health, is an important issue and cause? If you do, connect with one of these awesome organizations and put your name in our draw for a complete wet shaving set. For the month of November, ahem, Movember, show us your support for either the Movember Foundation and/or Partners for Mental Health and we’ll put your name in a draw for this awesome wet shaving set to be drawn on November 30, 2014.

How does it work?

 The ClassicThere are 3 ways to enter in to this giveaway:

1.) If you’re growing out your ‘stache and are raising funds through the Movember Foundation, email us the link to your Movember Fundraising profile page.

2.) If you’re not growing out your own Mo, but have donated to another person’s Movember fundraising efforts, email us a confirmation of your donation (or send us a screen shot of your donation confirmation)

3.) If you’d like to help make positive change to mental health services in Canada, you can use the Partners for
Mental Health online tool to send a letter to your MP and help convince the government to create a National Suicide Prevention Fund. You can either forward your confirmation email to us or send us a screen shot of your form.

Made in MovemberOver the month of November we’ll compile a list of everyone who shows us their support for these important mental health initiatives. On November 30, 2014, we’ll put all of the names in a hat and randomly select someone to win the shave set. If you have any questions about entering this draw, please feel free to drop us a line.

Thank you for joining us in supporting Movember and Partners for Mental Health, and in turn promoting increased mental health services for everyone!

-Brad & Kate

Your Custom Brush

Custom Brush


One of a Kind & Hand Crafted

You’re going to keep your shaving brush for a very, very long time; it should be perfect for you.

Working with The Copper Hat’s owner and artist, Brad, to create your own custom shaving brush is easy and probably a lot less expensive than you would think.  The process of creating your own custom brush involves selecting a handle material type, brush hair type, and a general size and shape of the overall brush.  Brad crafts shaving brushes from a wide variety of materials both new and reclaimed and is constantly striving to develop new crafting techniques.


How cool would it be to give your Dad a shaving brush turned from a branch of the tree he built your treehouse in? What about framing timbers from a 100 year old hotel or antique acrylic insulating rod? Please contact us if you are interested in a beautifully unique, custom shaving brush.

Custom Projects



Engraving design for brush turned from Douglas Fir framing timber saved from the Boulder Hotel in Vancouver

Engraving your brush with a custom logo or design is a great way to personalize it even further.  We are happy to design custom graphics for you, or you may submit your own and the graphic will be laser engraved into the bottom of the brush handle.  Engraving is an additional cost.

Brush Restoration Services

Restored Antique Shaving Brush

Restored Antique Shaving Brush

Brad also restores antique shaving brushes, removing the worn out bristles, setting new bristles, and cleaning and polishing the handles.  We often have vintage restores for sale and also offer restoration services for your own shaving brush.  Since all brushes are in different conditions, before providing restoration services, Brad will take a look at your brush and and give you a quote based on the work you’d like done. Please contact us for more details.


About Us!

The Copper Hat is a husband and wife endeavor situated in Victoria on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. We created The Copper Hat because of our own frustration that came from shaving with typical drug store supplies.


We each struggled with extreme skin types, one oily and one sensitive and dry. We were overwhelmed by the increasing cost of multi-blade cartridge razors and the terror cheaper razors reigned on our skin. When Brad started a job that required him to be clean shaven every day, he took matters into his own hands. He tracked down his first vintage double-edged razor and a shaving brush and, for the next several months, his most common saying to Kate was “feel how smooth my face is!” After observing Brad’s excitement, Kate began wet shaving and could also never go back to the drug store habit.

We started The Copper Hat because we know that we are not the only people who are tired of spending too much money on large blade cartridges that will just be thrown away. Although recent technology has brought us 5 blade razors, vibrating blades, and razors with built-in shave foam, the finesse of this personal care routine seems to have been lost in the fast-paced chaos of our daily lives. We craft and stock high quality brushes, razors, blades, soaps, and other shaving supplies so that you can enjoy a personalized shave that is suited to your hair and skin type.


We started out selling Brad’s handcrafted shaving brushes and a handful of antique safety and straight razors on our simple website.  Brad’s first “commercial” wood shop consisted of all of his tools on a rolling cart that he would wheel down the hallway out of our apartment building when he turned brushes.  Later we got more impressive and built a little wood shop into our bedroom closet!  Over the years Brad’s work shop has moved around, but it is currently housed in a very unique space in Rock Bay Square, in between a honey dispensary and 2 craft breweries!  Soon we began sharing our passion for wet shaving at local craft fairs and seasonal markets in Victoria, Vancouver and Edmonton.  We LOVE craft shows and markets, but also wanted a space from which to sell our wares all year round.  Our first permanent retail space was approximately 25 square feet and shared with Brad’s wood shop.  In the summer of 2013 we moved into our first official store front, a less than 100 square foot shop in Fan Tan Alley, Victoria.  We spent a roller coaster of a year in that space and then moved into a 300 square foot space in nearby Market Square, just off of Johnson Street.   We are currently open 7 days a week in our brick-and-mortar store and also ship all of our website orders from here.

We feel incredibly lucky to have met so many wonderful, supportive and interesting people on The Copper Hat path.  Whether you are a customer, fellow vendor or small-business owner, market coordinator, family member, friend or someone else who has cheered us on along the way, THANK YOU, we truly couldn’t have gotten The Copper Hat to this point without you!  We are passionate about grassroots economies and encourage you to support small, local businesses whenever possible.  We adore this Coast and natural environments everywhere and are so happy that through The Copper Hat we can provide people sustainable shaving practices while working within our small business community.

Thank you so much for stopping by – Happy Shaving!

Kate & Brad

About Us

1890 Douglas Fir Framing Custom Brush


Custom Work

This is a very cool project that I feel honoured to have taken part in.  The brush in the photo was hand turned by me however the wood used is the unique part.  The wood is original Douglas Fir framing lumber taken from a renovation on the Boulder Hotel in Vancouver.  The hotel was built in 1890!  Giving us a basic date of 130 year old framing lumber not including the life of the tree before that!  This piece was so unique I had to design a logo to be engraved in the bottom to commemorate this piece of wood.  The apothecary mugs seen with the brush feature hand turned handles made of local Victoria wood called London Plain.  A gorgeous wood with a grain that more resembles ripples on a pond than wood.  All in all I’m a little jealous of the recipient on the other end of this gorgeous little package.

I do have a few more pieces of the Douglas Fir and will be working on a limited edition run of brushes similar to the Vintage Insulator brushes from a little while back.  Keep your eyes peeled!



The Copper Hat: New Brick and Mortar Showroom

Brick and Mortar Location

Our new Shop/Showroom in Victoria

We are very excited to announce the opening of our own showroom!  Our new address is 216E – 2614 Bridge st.  Located in the Rock Bay Square Building at the corner of Hillside and Bridge St. in Victoria, B.C.  Currently the store hours will be 9-3 pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  The building is a unique layout so don’t hesitate to give us a call if you need any directions.

We are still always available for appointments at any time so just drop us a line and let us know what works for you.  The new store allows us to meet you there and show you more gear in a much easier way.

We hope you can stop by and say hi!

Cheers :

Kate and Brad

The Copper Hat Shave Soap

Cedarwood and Sage, Benzoin and Frankinscence, UnscentedIntroducing The Copper Hat Shave Soap!

Every shaving brush needs the perfect soap.  Unfortunately, the perfect soap can be hard to come by.  Many soaps smell great, but don’t lather quite right.  Other soaps lather great, but their harsh ingredients leave you itchy or with dry skin.  There are a lot of characteristics to consider when creating a great shaving soap.  We’ve kept all of these characteristics in mind while creating our own soap.

In the past we have both experienced dry skin, acne, and skin sensitivities.  It was very important to us that we provide shavers with a soap that moisturizes and protects skin, but never leaves a residue or makes skin oily.  We both test every batch and scent of soap and have found that even the scented soaps are gentle enough to use on sensitive skin.

In the creation of our soap we’ve chosen to use all natural ingredients and organic essential oils that respect both the planet and our skin.  The specific essential oils used have been selected for their healing and moisturizing qualities.  Our soap lathers quickly, but since it is in solid puck form, will last a long time compared to any canned foam or shave cream.

Currently we have 3 varieties of shave soap:

  • Cedarwood & Sage: fondly nicknamed “The Lumberjack Soap” – a woodsy, tobacco scent with a dose of manliness!  May invoke images of wood chopping and pipe smoking!
  • Benzoin & Frankincense: For those who prefer a lighter, sweeter scent.  Reminiscent of a Vancouver Island hike on the first day of spring.
  • Unscented: For those with hyper-sensitive skin, the ultimate shave soap with absolutely no scent.  Rather than scented essential oils, this soap contains only aloe vera oil.

We are very excited to launch our soap into the world of wet shaving and know it will make a great addition to your shaving routine!  We do realize that lathering a soap puck can be a bit tricky for beginners… not to worry!  Every soap comes with a detailed “how to” sheet and questions about how to get the most out of your Copper Hat products are always welcome!

To mark the launch of our new soaps,  we’re giving some away!  Simply “like” this post on Facebook to have your name entered in the draw to choose one of these soaps.  We’ll give 3 away on January 15th.

Happy Lathering!