We realize that for those who are new to wet shaving, it can be an overwhelming routine to set up! What razor will work best for me? What kind of blades do I need? What is a brush for?

Where can I find the best soap for my skin?

We have tried to make the transition into wet shaving simpler for you by supplying all-in-one wet shaving sets that include everything you need to get started. Our sets are definitely not just for beginners any savvy wet shaver who is looking for some new and unique products will be interested in taking a look.

How does it work?

Rather than pre pack shave sets for you, we will help you select the components of your personalized ensemble. We have listed a few examples on our SHAVE SETS page to give you an idea of what your set will look like, but we will leave the choosing up to you. The price of your set will depend on what razor and soap/cream you select, but most come in between $80 and $110. If you would like specific information on pricing of sets, please let us know

You will choose (from our store)

1] A Shave Brush, turned right here at The Copper Hat
2] A Razor (double edge, single edge, injector or straight)
3] A pack of Blades for your razor
4] A puck or tube of Soap or Cream

Then we pack your choices with

1] A Stainless Steel Lathering Bowl (great shape and size for lathering)
2] A 100% Cotton Barber Towel (perfect for hot towel treatments)

All wrapped up in an actual cigar box (may contain scratches and stickers… we just think it adds to the cool factor)

Too Much to Think About? Like the idea of an all-encompassing wet shaving cigar box set but have no idea what to choose? We can help! We will ask you a few questions and then compile a set perfect for you (or the person the set is for.)

One thought on “Shave Sets: The Complete Package

  1. Hey Kate & Brad,

    My name is Haj I recently been told from a friend about your products and I’m interesting in getting a set. Just wondering how much would it be to get a complete package and where a bouts are you guys located? If you could e-mail me back that would be great!


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